What We Do

Westfleet Advisors is the leading advisory services firm specializing in litigation finance.

We cater exclusively to law firms and their clients that wish to explore litigation financing, ensuring they have all the information and resources they need to achieve their goals. We tailor each engagement to the needs of our client.

Our clients trust us to:

  • Provide independent expertise on the development, pursuit, and execution of litigation finance transactions
  • Manage the process of obtaining litigation financing, including outreach to our network of capital sources
  • Educate lawyers on the benefits and potential pitfalls associated with litigation finance

The Westfleet Advantage

Our team’s experience in the field of litigation finance spans two decades and the financing of more than a thousand matters.

We have advised on numerous transactions involving a wide variety of matters. We know all the industry players and the intricacies of the litigation funding process. We are also experts in financial engineering and analysis as well as the unique legal, ethical, and regulatory issues relating to litigation finance.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Comprehensive access to all of the reputable sources of capital in the market
  • Efficiency in the fundraising process for lawyers and their clients
  • Transparency in an otherwise opaque market and process
  • Informational advantages in negotiation of financing terms
  • Independent expertise relative to the transaction, free from conflicts