Westfleet Advisors: Bringing Greater Efficiency to the Litigation Finance Market

Westfleet Advisors was established with the sole focus of bringing greater transparency and efficiency to the litigation finance market by providing expert advisory services to the recipient-side of the market:  businesses and law firms interested in exploring and obtaining a litigation financing transaction.

Westfleet was founded in 2013 by Charles M. Agee, III, a recognized expert in the field of litigation finance and one of the industry’s earliest pioneers. After being active as a litigation funder for fifteen years, Agee noticed a deficiency in the litigation funding market that was hindering its efficiency and growth—vast information asymmetry between litigation funders and prospective recipients of litigation financing. So, Agee launched Westfleet to cure this deficiency and provide businesses and law firms with the upper hand in this emerging capital market.

Westfleet’s Expertise Provides a Powerful Advantage

Westfleet’s team has a breadth of experience and tenure in the litigation finance market that offers a unique value to our clients. Our experience includes the financing of over 1,000 complex litigation matters and a solid network of funding sources built over two decades.  Our team also led groundbreaking research and analysis of the legal and ethical issues pertaining to litigation finance, so we have a deep understanding of and sensitivity to ensuring compliance with these parameters that are critical to lawyers and their clients.

We know exactly the type of information a litigation funder will expect to see in evaluating a financing opportunity because we have been litigation funders ourselves—indeed, far longer than most current litigation funders. We also have a thorough understanding of the litigation funding industry’s landscape, so you do not waste time with litigation funders that lack credibility or that are unsuitable for a particular transaction. This expertise means that we minimize your time and efforts to obtain and structure litigation financing while increasing the chances of a successful transaction.

Obtain and structure commercial litigation financing with the experts at Westfleet Advisors and minimize the time and effort involved while gaining a powerful advantage in this market. For more information, please contact us directly or call (615) 312-8255.